My Private Pocket

My Private Pocket is reusable emergency underwear with a pocket stitched to the inside of the waistband to discreetly and comfortably carry a variety of supplies. The underwear is made of a cotton-spandex blend, a high-quality material that provides the user with a comfortable fit.

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The girl’s underwear is designed with two pockets; one with water resistance material, in case the need to store the soiled underwear and the other pocket for any additional storage.

As for the boys, to ensure comfort-fit, the underwear is designed with one pocket made with water-resistant material and serves as storage too

Adaptable & Discreet

My Private Pocket is very comfortable to use, non-abrasive and feels very cool to the skin. Your child will feel clean after those “little accidents”. No more embarrassments!

High Quality Material

My Private Pocket is made of high-quality cotton-spandex blend. Uniquely designed to give your child his/her perfect fit. Boys & girls design available, and more to exciting designs in development!

Practical and easy to use

My Private Pocket instructional video clearly demonstrates how easy it is to prepare and use after those “little accidents”. Our pockets are practical and discreet, no need for special instruments!

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Hi, I’m Isabella and I invented My Private Pocket. I thought it would be even more helpful to add a bonus SECOND underwear that snuggly fits in the second pocket!  We all need a fresh pair, don’t we. 🙂

Perfect backup that keeps you fresh all day!

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